Collateral Protection

Resource Insurance Services Collateral Protection Insurance offers Financial Institutions the ability to track uninsured vehicles and force-place physical damage insurance for collateral loans – primarily for automobiles and other rolling collateral – that become uninsured.


  • Assures that collateral is always protected
  • Dual-interest coverage force-places comprehensive and collision coverage on a borrower if insurance is not obtained or lapses
  • Collects premium only when policy is force-placed on borrower
  • Lender Coverage Enhancements
  • Resource Insurance Services customizes each program to meet specific loan portfolio needs with the following repossession coverage enhancements:
  • Instrument Non-Filing Coverage
  • Repossessed Property
  • Mechanics Lien Reimbursement Coverage
  • Repossession and Return Expense Reimbursement Without Loss
  • Repossession Storage and Towing Expense
  • Premium Deficiency
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Insufficient Insurance Coverage
  • Conversion or Secretion (Skip)
  • Automatic Coverage (available with outsourced tracking ONLY)


  • Complete flexibility allows you the option to issue a collateral protection policy for an annual premium instead of a term premium.
  • You have the ability to determine the timing of the letter cycles and the opportunity to personalize the letters to fit the tone and personality of your Financial Institution.
  • The letters can be edited to fit your Financial Institutions philosophy and your logo is easily inserted on all notices.