Fee Income Generating Products

Credit Insurance

RIS has a long time relationship with American National Insurance Company, covering Americans since 1905. We specialize in the continual training of your loan officers in order to maximize the penetration level of your life and disability coverage. RIS has increased penetration levels at every account utilizing our training methods. We produce monthly reports that track the penetration levels, as well as each loan officer’s progress, track the status of your members’ claims, and have the ability to pay claims by ACH.


GAP protects your borrowers from losses resulting from the gap between the outstanding loan balance and the actual cash value of the vehicle. Our GAP program is underwritten by Great American Insurance Company.  This program is designed to provide maximum protection to the lender, without becoming an administrative burden.  Our GAP program is a product that protects you, the lender, by reducing credit losses and is very easy to administer.  In addition to the protection GAP offers you and your borrowers, it is also capable of producing a new source of fee income.  It also adds to your menu of valuable products and services to offer your customers.

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Vehicle Service Contract/Extended Warranty

RIS works with top rated carriers to provide this valuable fee generating product. Our service contracts provide top of the line coverage for vehicles up to 125,000 miles! Some of the features that set this product apart from the competition are: No Income Charge back to the Credit Union, Flexible deductibles (low as $0), Roadside assistance, bumper-to-bumper coverage on vehicles up to 100,000 miles, availability to offer coverage to your existing automobile loan portfolio, providing more sales opportunities for your staff, and direct payment to repair facilities using a nationwide credit card. We also offer HIGH-Mileage coverage that can be added at ANY TIME! It’s Quality, Service, Selection and Training that set this program apart from others. Our programs will save Credit Union members hundreds of dollars over comparable dealer programs.  Click here for more information.


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